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How to Get Skilled Worker Visa for UK

Are you considering relocating to the UK and seeking employment? You’re not alone—each year, the number of job applicants in the United Kingdom grows. However, to permanently reside in the UK, obtaining a visa is necessary. Among the numerous visa options available, the Skilled Worker Visa is widely popular.

Now, let’s delve into the details of the Skilled Worker visa, including eligibility criteria, English language proficiency requirements, and the necessary test to demonstrate language skills.

What are the current tendencies in labor immigration to the United Kingdom? 

Immigration to the United Kingdom has increased continuously over the past decade, with the exception of a decrease in 2020 due to a pandemic. The number of work visas issued in 2021, at 239,987, increased by 110% from 2020 and by 25% from 2019. 

There were 239,987 visas granted, 63% of which were for skilled workers. There was a 33 percent rise in applications for this type of visa in 2019. This means that approximately two-thirds of those seeking to enter the United Kingdom for the purpose of employment do so on the basis of a Skilled Worker visa. 

Skilled Worker visas were most frequently issued to citizens of India, the Philippines, Nigeria, the United States, and Pakistan in 2021. 

Tell me about the UK skilled worker visa. 

You can enter the United Kingdom and work for a licenced employer with the UK Skilled Worker visa. Your visa will expire after five years of continuous residency in the United Kingdom. If you are applying for the visa from outside the UK, you should have a decision in about three weeks. You can submit your application up to three months before your start date. Depending on your individual situation, the visa application fee can range from £610 to £1,408. 

The Health and Care Worker visa has a lower application fee and does not need the visa holder to pay the immigration health surcharge each year if they are employed in the healthcare industry. 

Which types of employees are eligible to apply? 

The Skilled Worker visa is applicable to a wide variety of occupations, from architects to bakers to hairstylists to chefs. Verify that your line of work is included in the whole list of occupations to discover if you qualify. 

Obtaining a Skilled Worker visa necessitates verifying not only that your position qualifies for the visa but also that your employer has been granted permission to hire foreign nationals by the Home Office. 

Make sure you’ll be getting paid at least the UK minimum wage for the position you’re applying for. The following outcomes are anticipated for you:

The ‘going rate’ for the task you’ll be doing is £10.10 per hour.

Use the highest score from these three alternatives to fill out your visa application. 

If your occupation is on the list of shortage occupations for the Skilled Worker visa, however, you will just need to be paid 80% of the going rate. 

For the UK skilled worker visa, what level of English is required? 

To qualify for the Skilled Worker visa, applicants must demonstrate that they have recently passed a certified English language exam at the required proficiency level for permanent residence and gainful employment in the United Kingdom. There is a list of excluded countries, but everyone else will need to provide proof of English proficiency at the B1 level or higher on the Common European Framework of Reference. It’s a must if you want your visa application to go through! 

A degree in English (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral) is the sole acceptable alternative to taking an English proficiency exam. 

explain PTE Academic UKVI. 

The British government recognises the Pearson Test of English Academic (UKVI) as acceptable for visa purposes. The four pillars of language proficiency—writing, speaking, reading, and listening—are all put to the test. 

You can take PTE Academic UKVI at an authorized testing facility using a computer. The duration of this computer-based test is around two hours. Your exam results will be made available to you within 48 hours after your sitting for the exam. 

What study strategies work best for PTE Academic UKVI? 

The minimum acceptable score on the PTE Academic UKVI test for the Skilled Worker visa is 43. You can maximize your chances of getting the grade you need by studying as hard as possible in the lead-up to the exam: 

Learn the lay of the exam

Before taking the PTE Academic UKVI, it’s crucial that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with the test layout. The material on this test is identical to that on the PTE Academic exam. There will be a speaking and writing section, a reading section, and a listening section. Over the course of the three parts, you’ll encounter a total of 20 distinct question kinds. There is a standard format for each variety of inquiry. Understanding the various question formats is crucial. To earn the best possible score, you’ll need to employ different strategies for each question type.  

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